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What You Receive / What You Pay

Application Fee ~ Most ICEP applicants pay an application fee of $50-$100 (US) to the ICEP representative in the home country; check with your representative for details. If you are not accepted, half of this fee is refunded. This fee covers administrative costs in your home country.

Air Fare ~ and all transportation costs between your home country and New York in the United States.

Health Insurance ~ In compliance with US State Department regulations, every counselor is required to purchase the health insurance package provided by ICEP. The cost of this package is $150 (US). The deposit you pay to secure your position in the program will be used to cover your health insurance. Details of the insurance package will be provided in the home country once you are selected for the program. Please note that this plan does not include travel or dental insurance coverage.

Visa Application Fees ~ charged by the US Consulate in your country.

Personal Expenses ~ that are not included in room and board at camp, such as laundry, postage, clothing, phone calls, local transportation, entertainment, etc. You will probably want to have some spending money for days off and post-camp travel. If you choose to spend several days in New York City before and after the camp, you would need an average $100-$200 per week to cover basic food and living expenses.

Stipend ~ Upon successful completion of the summer program, each counselor will receive a travel allowance that reflects the expense of traveling from his or her region to the US. Half of this stipend is paid as pocket money while at camp, and the remaining half is paid as a travel allowance when you attend ICEP Evaluation in New York or Los Angeles after camp. Participants who do not complete the full 9 week camp season may receive a pro-rated stipend based on the number of weeks completed.

$1000 stipend for first year participants from Europe, North & Central Americas, and the Caribbean

$1300 stipend for first year participants from Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America, and Australia/New Zealand.

Stipends increase for counselors returning to the same camp for the 2nd and 3rd summers.

 J-1 Visa Sponsorship ~ Upon selection, ICEP will sponsor you for a J-1 Visa with camp counselor classification, a 4 month Exchange Visitor status (June through September).

Orientation ~ Before traveling on to camp, you will receive two nights free stay at the International Student Center in New York City while attending ICEP Orientation.

Evaluation ~ At the end of the camp season, you will again receive two nights free stay at the International Student Center while attending ICEP Evaluation, a half-day meeting to share the summer experience with other international counselors.

Transportation to Camp ~ Your camp provides round trip transportation between New York and camp; ICEP Staff will also assist you with travel logistics when you arrive at Orientation.

Lodging and Board ~ Your food and housing, as well as bed linens and other ordinary living expenses, will be provided by camp for the duration of your stay there.

Ongoing Support ~ from Country Representatives and ICEP Staff throughout the placement and pre-arrival period, including an Orientation Session in your home country led by ICEP staff and alumni. You will also have access to 24 hour support from ICEP staff during your stay in the US.


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