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Who We Are

ICEP Couselors

ICEP is your partner in bringing cultural diversity and top quality staff to your camp.

We take pride in 50 summers of providing international counselors to camps throughout the United States. ICEP was the very first organization to approach the US Government to designate J1 visa category for camp counselors, and we are a pioneer in the field of international camp counseling. ICEP's founder, Robert Tesdell, opened camp opportunities for young people from around the world through his vision for international exchange. Now, as we celebrate 50 years of friendship, ICEP invites you to benefit from our experience and bring ICEP counselors to your camp. ICEP is a small nonprofit organization, that is committed to the camping community while maintaining the original ideals of mission and personalized service.

The New York office, which consists of the Executive Director, the Manager of the Program, placement coordinators, and interns, is committed to providing one-on-one attention to each participating camp and counselor. The ICEP staff also brings strong collective experience in international education, intercultural exposure, and camping. ICEP has 25 representatives in different parts of the world, most of whom are ICEP alumni. Building on their own experience as camp counselors in the US, ICEP representatives are carefully selected and trained. Many are educators in their home countries and all are dedicated to selecting the very best staff for your camp.

ICEP also has partnerships with several university programs around the world, enabling students of the performing arts, physical education, communications, social work, and theology to earn hands-on experience in their fields while sharing their skills at your camp.

strong individual relationship with every camp we serve: each camp director is a partner in our pursuit of nurturing international friendships, global exchange and understanding
one-on-one attention to every ICEP counselor: each participant is recognized as an individual by the New York staff and treated like a family friend
committed to the same ideals as the camp community
driven by the belief that the camping experience nurtures communities
as a nonprofit educational organization, we have a high commitment to our mission, maintain low overheads, and a level of service and dedication that remains unrivaled


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