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Summer Schedule

Upon selection to the program, counselors receive the ICEP Counselor Handbook from the New York office. Once a counselor receives his or her camp placement, ICEP will work with you to prepare the counselor for the summer ahead. When available, we will provide the counselor with information from camp brochures, last summer's counselor evaluations, and frequently we will connect ICEP alumni from your camp with prospective counselors to act as mentors and help participants prepare for the experience of participating at your specific camp.

Each counselor attends an orientation meeting in his or her home country prior to arrival in the US. These meetings are led by Country Representatives and ICEP alumni who explain about camp life, what to bring, and discuss international contributions which counselors can make in camp. Counselors also receive instructions for the visa application process at this time.

Orientation conferences are held throughout the month of June in New York and Los Angeles to prepare participants for work with American children and to clarify the assumptions, expectations and responsibilities of international counselors. Participants also receive information regarding the summer schedule, their health insurance, and travel arrangements for reaching camp.

ICEP Counselors are instructed to arrive in New York or Los Angeles at least two days before they are expected at camp, so that they can attend Orientation before the start of staff training.

At the end of summer, counselors return to New York or Los Angeles for evaluation conferences. These meetings provide an opportunity for counselors to give feedback on the camp experience and the ICEP program in general. Counselors receive the travel allowance portion of the stipend at Evaluations.


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