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How the Program Works

It is very simple to make qualified ICEP counselors
part of your camp community next summer.

Step 1 Register with ICEP via the web [eForm], e-mail [eMail], or by downloading the Camp Request Form [PDF], which you can print and mail to ICEP's office in New York.
Step 2 When you are ready to review applications, call or e-mail ICEP to tell us more about your camp program and the kinds of international counselors you are looking for
Step 3 Receive a package of ICEP applications by Priority Mail for you to exclusively review for 7-10 days. ICEP staff and country representatives are ready to assist in coordinating phone interviews.
Step 4 If you accept ICEP participants, sign and return the placement contract, and wait for the counselors' original applications to arrive.

It's easy!

Once you have chosen ICEP counselors, we will work with you to prepare them for the incredible adventure they are about to undertake.


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