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Direct Placement

If you have an international applicant whom you want to hire directly, we can facilitate their participation at your camp by helping with the simple process of arranging visa sponsorship and health insurance.

Because ICEP has no designation to sponsor support staff, we offer this service for general or program counselors only. The program fee for this service is $400, which includes visa sponsorship, administrative costs, and the participant's health insurance payment. This fee is paid by camp and must be submitted to ICEP before Form DS-2019 can be sent to the counselor.

This service is not meant to circumvent the usual placement procedures, but we do understand there are times when by personal contact or reliable referral you may want to work with a prospective counselor directly.

Returning counselors may also utilize this option when coming back to camp for a 2nd summer or more. However, if you request Direct Placement assistance for a counselor who is returning to your camp but has never participated through ICEP before, he or she must complete the entire 1st year counselor application because he or she is new to ICEP.

These are the simple steps to bringing Direct Placement ICEP counselors to your camp:

Once you have screened the applicant through your usual hiring procedures, send written confirmation to ICEP (e-mail is acceptable) that the counselor has been offered, and has accepted a position at camp, including the participant's contact information. Please include a copy of any contract or agreement offered to the counselor.
ICEP will send application materials to the participant, which he or she must complete in full and return to the ICEP New York office as soon as possible.
Camp pays $400 fee to ICEP.
When both the complete application and the $400 fee have been received by ICEP, we will send the counselor Form DS-2019 (formerly IAP-66) along with the ICEP counselor handbook and information about the health insurance package.
The counselor applies for a J-1 visa at the US Consulate in his or her home country. He or she is responsible for any fees charged by the Consulate.

All Direct Placement counselors are expected to attend ICEP Orientation in New York or Los Angeles before arriving at camp. We appreciate your cooperation in encouraging Direct Placement participation at Orientation.

Please refer your Direct Placement counselors to the [Camp Counselor] section of our website so that they may gain a better understanding of the ICEP opportunity and application procedures.


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