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Counselor Selection

Each candidate submits the four-page ICEP application, health examination form signed by a physician, an autobiographical essay, a two page photo collage and three personal references, besides copies of certificates and awards they may have won. The applicant also attends a personal interview in English with an ICEP representative or staff member; a report of this interview is included with the application.

Once an application has been screened in the home country, it is submitted to the ICEP New York office for individual review by the staff, a process which includes a thorough reading of the application and a phone interview with the candidate.

Active youth leaders in their home countries and communities
Committed to working with children
Selected by our dedicated team of country representatives
Carefully screened for their ability to speak and understand English REGARDLESS of their native language. We stand behind the English language skills of all ICEP participants
Prepared in orientation meetings and weekend training conferences with ICEP staff and former counselors, both in their home countries before departure and after arrival in the US


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