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Camp Request Form

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Thank you for your interest in the ICEP Program.
After you fill out this brief form, someone will be in touch with you shortly.
E-mail address
Camp Name
Director's Name
Sponsoring Organization
Staff Member Responsible for International Staff Placements
(if different from Camp Director)

Winter Address
Be sure to inlcude: Phone, Fax and eMail

Summer Address
Be sure to inlcude: Phone, Fax and eMail

Website Addresss
Earliest date you wish to begin reviewing applications

What is the best time of day to reach you?
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Total number of international counselors requested

Skills desired:
waterfront, arts & crafts, music, sports, general, etc.
Our camp is:
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Number of campers

Age range of campers

Age range of counselors
What is the ratio of international counselors to American counselors in your camp?

How many international counselors do you hire in total each summer?

Date counselors are expected to arrive at camp
Date counselors are free to leave camp at the end of the summer
Please state briefly the purposes and educational policies of your camp, as well as information on the types of children served.
We would appreciate a few sentences describing why you hire international counselors and the ways in which they contribute to your camp community. Include any special requirements for staff members and any other important information we should know about your camp.
Special Instructions:
Beginning in January 2004, we will offer a weekly e-newsletter with profiles of available candidates and other important information to help you prepare for the summer. Do you wish to receive this eNewsletter?
Counselors placed as lifeguards at camp should attend
Choose One
Counselors should apply for Social Security Number at
Choose One
We anticipate Direct Placement assistance for approximately how many counselors.
(See below for instructions on Direct Placement procedures).
Other Special Instructions:

Direct Placement Assistance:

If you have new or returning international counselors whom you would like to hire directly and require ICEP's assistance in coordinating the Direct Placement process, please follow the simple procedures below. Feel free to include the required information when submitting this form.

  • ~ Camp sends a letter or e-mail to ICEP indicating the position and financial arrangement you have offered to the counselor. Please include the counselor's contact information and a copy of the contract or agreement offered to the counselor.
  • ~ ICEP will send application materials to the participant, which he or she must complete in full and return to ICEP's New York office as soon as possible.

  • ~ Camp sends $400 program fee to ICEP, which includes the counselor's health insurance.

  • ~ When both the complete application and the $400 fee have been received by ICEP, Form DS-2019 (formerly IAP-66) will be sent to the counselor so that he or she can apply for a J-1 visa at the US Consulate in his or her home country.

* Space is extremely limited for returning counselors participating for the 3rd summer or more. These spaces are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.


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